The Jack Benny Program, Season 4, Episode 3,“ Humphrey Bogart guest, Aired: 10/25/1951

The Jack Benny Program, Season 4, Episode 3,€“ Humphrey Bogart guest, Aired: 10/25/1951

Jack's monologue is interrupted by Bob Crosby, who's upset that his song was cut from the show, and by Don, who's angry that he's not a part of this week's commercial.

In the sketch, officers haul "Baby Face" Bogart into the police station. He tells Detective Benny he knows nothing about the murder of Blinky Mason. Benny tries to get rough but Bogart keeps slapping him back. During the interrogation, "Baby Face" launches into the Lucky Strike commercial and sings their jingle. He pulls a gun on Detective Benny, who runs fleeing from the building.

In the epilogue, Jack thanks Humphrey Bogart and plugs his new picture, Beat the Devil.

First aired October 25, 1953

This movie is part of the collection: Classic TV

Audio/Visual: sound
Keywords: Jack Benny; Bob Crosby; Don Wilson; Humphrey Bogart; Sara Berner; Benny Rubin

Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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