ACTION HEROES - FULL MOVIE from Lukas Tielke | peoplegrapher. on Vimeo.
Finally it is coming to you. Peoplegrapher formerly known as thinkBIG production
present their latest achievement.

The full-length movie "Action Heroes" features a variety of german top-riders in

Felix Rosendahl, Jonas Berndt, Patrick Schweika, Sascha Dietzel, Julian Puczkus,
Tobi Wrobel, Niki Leitner, Marius Hoppensack, Amir Kabbani, Hendrik Tafel,
Patrick Rasche, Boris Beyer, Ludwig Jäger, Stephan Peters, Robin Specht, Carlo
Dieckmann and Mike Plümacher

A Film by Lukas Tielke
Associate Production Manuel Rueda
Filmed by Lukas Tielke
Additional Filming Manuel Rueda, Daniel Roos, Lars Doehring
Edited by Lukas Tielke
Motion Graphics Manuel Rueda


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