Intolerance, Director DW Griffith, 1916 Masterpiece

Intolerance, Director: DW Griffith, 1916 Masterpiece

Director D.W. Griffith's expensive, most ambitious silent film masterpiece Intolerance (1916) is one of the milestones and landmarks in cinematic history.
Many reviewers and film historians consider it the greatest film of the silent era.
The mammoth film was also subtitled: "A Sun-Play of the Ages" and "Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages." Griffith was inspired to make this film after watching the revolutionary Italian silent film epic Cabiria (1914) by director Giovanni Pastrone.
Intolerance was a colossal undertaking filled with monumental sets, lavish period costumes, and more than 3,000 extras.
The film consisted of four distinct but parallel stories that demonstrated mankind's intolerance during four different ages in world history.

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Director: D.W. Griffith
Producer: D.W. Griffith
Production Company: Triangle Film Corporation
Audio/Visual: silent, black & white
Keywords: Silent; Drama; History; D.W. Griffith
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Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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