Intolerance, Director DW Griffith, 1916 Masterpiece

Intolerance, Director: DW Griffith, 1916 Masterpiece

Director D.W. Griffith's expensive, most ambitious silent film masterpiece Intolerance (1916) is one of the milestones and landmarks in cinematic history.
Many reviewers and film historians consider it the greatest film of the silent era.
The mammoth film was also subtitled: "A Sun-Play of the Ages" and "Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages." Griffith was inspired to make this film after watching the revolutionary Italian silent film epic Cabiria (1914) by director Giovanni Pastrone.
Intolerance was a colossal undertaking filled with monumental sets, lavish period costumes, and more than 3,000 extras.
The film consisted of four distinct but parallel stories that demonstrated mankind's intolerance during four different ages in world history.

This movie is part of the collection: Silent Films

Director: D.W. Griffith
Producer: D.W. Griffith
Production Company: Triangle Film Corporation
Audio/Visual: silent, black & white
Keywords: Silent; Drama; History; D.W. Griffith
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Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952), starring Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Susan Hayward

The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952)

The story centers on the memories of a writer (Gregory Peck) who is taking a safari in Africa.
He develops a dangerous wound from a thorn prick, and lies awaiting his slow death.
The loss of physical capability causes him to look inside himself - at his memories of the past years, and how little he has actually accomplished in his writing.

This movie is part of the collection: Feature Films (

Director: Henry King
Producer: Darryl F. Zanuck
Production Company: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Sponsor: k-otic
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Keywords: Adventure; Drama; Romance; Ernest Hemingway; Ava Gardner; Susan Hayward; Gregory Peck
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Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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Phantom Ship (1935), The Mystery of the Marie Celeste, starring Bela Lugosi

Phantom Ship (1935), The Mystery of the Marie Celeste, starring Bela Lugosi

During a horrific storm at sea, the crew realizes that there is a murderer among them who is killing them off one by one.

Director: Denison Clift
Writers: Denison Clift (story), Charles Larkworthy (scenario)
Stars: Bela Lugosi, Shirley Grey, Arthur Margetson

This movie is part of the collection: Sci-Fi / Horror
Producer: Henry Passmore
Production Company: Guranteed Pictures Co.
Audio/Visual: sound, b/w
Keywords: horror; mystery; drama

Creative Commons license: Public Domain

Also known as "The Mystery of the Marie Celeste". You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.

Häxan, a Swedish-Danish Movie Classic (1922)

Häxan - Wikipedia: "Häxan (Danish title: Heksen; English title: The Witches or Witchcraft Through The Ages) is a 1922 Swedish/Danish silent horror film written and directed by Benjamin Christensen. Based partly on Christensen's study of the Malleus Maleficarum, a 15th-century German guide for inquisitors, Häxan is a study of how superstition and the misunderstanding of diseases and mental illness could lead to the hysteria of the witch-hunts. The film was made as a documentary but contains dramatized sequences that are comparable to horror films. With Christensen's meticulous recreation of medieval scenes and the lengthy production period, the film was the most expensive Scandinavian silent film ever made, costing nearly two million Swedish kronor. Although it won acclaim in Denmark and Sweden, the film was banned in the United States and heavily censored in other countries for what were considered at that time graphic depictions of torture, nudity and sexual perversion...." (more information at Wikipedia link above)

Source: Internet Archive
Audio/Visual: sound, black and white/ color tinted
Language: silent film, Danish intertitles subtitled in English
Keywords: Haxan Häxan horror witches witchcraft

Creative Commons license: Public Domain

Detour (1945)

Detour (1945)
"Man is involved in two freakish accidents that make him look like a murderer. Poverty row masterwork that is the most precise elucidation of the noir theme of explicit fatalism." - noir expert Spencer Selby |

Cast: Tom Neal, Ann Savage, Claudia Drake, Edmund MacDonald. |
A B-movie, it was shot in six days. The film, budgeted for $89,000 and ended up costing $117,000 to make.

This movie is part of the collection: Film Noir

Director: Edgar G. Ulmer
Production Company: PRC Pictures Inc.
Audio/Visual: sound, black & white
Keywords: Crime; Drama; Film-Noir; Mystery; Thriller
Contact Information:

Creative Commons license: Public Domain

Detour (1945), free movie online

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